Telework and remote management

Choose the first scientifically validated employee engagement improvement platform!

  • A unique method of capturing feelings
  • A fully modular platform
  • A collaborative approach that involves employees
  • Measurable and actionable results

Cegid Wittyfit already supports +100 000 employees on a daily basis

Manage your human capital on a single platform

Cegid Wittyfit is a collaborative platform used by the HR function, management, managers and employees.

Designed to meet your needs, it offers great modularity to adapt to your organization and allow you to have all the information you need to act and improve the employee experience.

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Enter into a process of continuous improvement

Thanks to a unique method of capturing feelings, Cegid Wittyfit makes it possible to quickly identify all the levers necessary to improve the commitment of your employees.

Immediately actionable, this information can be transformed into action in order to assess the perceived benefit.

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Involve your employees

In a few clicks, the employee becomes an actor in the process by proposing ideas for improvement that can be shared and transformed into an action plan through the tool.

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Your data is unique so is our approach

“We use the Cegid Wittyfit collaborative platform on all our operational entities with a total of around 7,000 people to better understand the levers o well-being and job satisaction”

Miguel Brehin

Thales AVS France

“What we liked about Cegid Wittyfit is that it is a collaborative platform which, on the one hand gives employees a vois and collects their perception, and on the other, helps managers i their daily practice.”

Myriam El Khomri

Consulting Director Siaci-Sain-Honoré

“For more than two years , Cegid Wittyfit has enabled us to improve the employee experience through a sincere and humble approach of collective accountability. As a result, we saw a 10% decrease in stress and an increase in job satisfaction of 7%”

Valérie Cotro