The Recruitment Game-Changer: A 12-Step Guide to an Exceptional Candidate Experience

On average, only 5% of job offer visitors apply. That’s 95% of missed opportunities! The result: high recruitment times and costs.

Improving the conversion rate on your job offers primarily involves a seamless candidate experience. In this eBook, we guide you through the crucial elements to improve to build, in 12 steps, an exceptional application journey: from designing your career site to creating immersive job offers, including the steps before applying and after the application.

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On the agenda:

  • What is the candidate’s experience?
  • How to succeed in the candidate experience in a multi-site context?
  • 12 practical tips
  • The specific role of mobile in the candidate experience of multi-site organizations

Get practical advice to create a smooth and appealing candidate experience, strengthen your employer brand, and attract the best talent.

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