Unlock Your Recruitment Potential with a Next-Generation ATS

While using an ATS has many benefits for simplifying network recruitment, 38% of multi-site companies still do not have an ATS.

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8 objectives of the ATS to facilitate multi-site recruitment

Our latest ebook provides you with an in-depth look at the benefits of using an ATS designed for multi-site, multi-brand, or international recruitment.

Discover how, with a recruitment solution tailored to your network recruitment challenges, you can easily:

  • Build an attractive and unified employer brand across all your entities.
  • Make your recruitment smoother by empowering your managers.
  • Adapt your recruitment processes to local needs.
  • Save time by automating low added-value tasks.
  • Create a common pool of candidates across your entire network.
  • Analyze the performance of your recruitments and understand their financial impact.
  • Harmonize your practices while complying with legal constraints.
  • Conquer new markets through effective recruitment.

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It’s time to enhance your attractiveness and equip yourself with the right tools to optimize your recruitment process!

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