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Develop your teams, align their goals with those of your organization with Cegid’s Performance Management Software

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Create objectives for your teams tied to your organization

Allows managers to share objectives with their teams for easier collaboration before and after performance reviews.

  • Facilitate employee interaction throughout performance reviews.
  • Help employees understand their objectives and goals to accomplish.
  • Easily track employees’ objectives and key results (OKRs).
  • Individual and collective views for managers & teams for easier collaboration.

Provide feedback on your employees’ goals through Continuous Conversation.

Throughout the performance review process keep objectives conversation and changes in one single place between managers and employees

  • A simple solution for employees to converse with their managers.
  • Easily have individual objectives aligned to business objectives.
  • Team centered solution, helps teams see the “big picture”.
  • Display feedback conversation so teams can have better visibility of their ongoing objectives.

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Manage employee’s performance in one single sharable tool.

Measure individual and collective performance, to identify potential, in order to anticipate growth scenarios for your talent and your organisation as a whole.

  • Focus on your teams needs and skills for better performance.
  • Access to pre-designed and customizable objective dashboards and charts for better transparency and understanding for employees.
  • Share key indicators on evaluation goals and performance management.

Empower the talent salary review process for both managers and teams.

Our solutions are designed to connect performance and salary – they help managers make decisions based on clear indicators, without losing sight of committed budgets.

  • Easily manage every part of the compensation review process.
  • Secure, Centralized salary review tool for easier salary view.
  • Ensures smooth process for both managers and HR
  • Automate individual salary reviews, including budget guidelines