Core HR- Simplify your HR Management with Cegid Talentsoft

Do you want to prepare your organization for the HR challenges of tomorrow? Our HRIS tools are here to help you.

  • European HR software, simple and adaptable
  • Easy connection with your CRM and payroll tools
  • HR Cloud Suite updated daily
  • Reactive customer service in case of need

Recruiting Software

Attract the best talents with Cegid Talentsoft Recruitment
Optimize your recruitment process. Our recruitment management software is here to help you:

  • Unified, simple and adaptable solution.
  • Simplified management, from profile selection to onboarding.
  • 100% cloud-based recruitment software updated daily.
  • Reactive customer service when needed.

Talent Management

Gather performance information.

  • Create and manage multiple grids at once. Use tools for each matrix with specific rules.
  • Simplify managerial decision making by centralizing performance analysis.
  • Define succession plans and manage the evolution of your potential leaders.
  • Map your talent by detailing the potential of your employees.

Our Trusted Clients

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Learning Software (LMS)

Create a culture of learning in your organization with our Learning Management System.

  • Centralize internal and external training in one place.
  • Use our search engine to find the perfect course.
  • Track approvals and expenses down to the second.
  • Integrate data into appraisals and career development programs.

Core HR

A unique flexible system to prepare you for tomorrow’s challenges.

  • Turn your strategic decisions into action.
  • Harmonize and adapt your HR processes.
  • Manage key data and events for each employee.
  • Maximize productivity by automating document management.

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