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A Smart Recruitment

Your recruitment process shouldn’t become a series of disconnected tasks that turn potential candidates off. Not if you have a platform that brings all the parts together to work alongside you – every step of the way.


Find the perfect match

With Cegid Talentsoft, diversify your recruitment sources and promote collaboration between managers and employees in the search for the next talent.

  • Attract the best candidates.
  • Diversify your recruitment sources.
  • Encourage collaboration between managers and employees in the search for the next talent.

Candidate tracking at a glance

Cegid Talentsoft Recruitment is an essential tool for simplifying and automating the recruitment process: you save job offer creation time to organizing multiple interviews.

  • A simple process for companies of all sizes.
  • One tool, from creating the job offer to organizing the interviews.
  • Save time by automating certain steps.

Our Trusted Clients

If there is one thing to know about us, is that our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

Enrich the candidate experience

Our solution makes it easier to post new jobs and share information with your future talent, while promoting your employer brand.

  • Easily create your career site.
  • Post new job postings in the blink of an eye.
  • Highlight your employer brand.

Easily integrate your new talents

From the onboarding phase, our solution allows you to provide your talents with a personalized journey according to their profile and your needs, encourage them to unleash their potential.

  • Create a great onboarding experience.
  • Integrate your new employees even before their first day in your organization.
  • Create a personalized path according to your needs and the profiles of your candidates.

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