The 5 Pillars of Company Culture in 2021

What it takes to build an engaging culture

With the world constantly evolving around us, sustaining and growing a strong company culture is crucial. But where to start?

More specifically, what does it look like after the events of 2020, when the daily work experience has changed dramatically and the traditional ‘full-time-in-the-office’ seems to have become a thing of the past?

Dena Upton, Chief People Officer at Drift, share with us her perspective on what it takes to build strong company culture in 2021: it all comes down to your people.

The 5 Pillars of Company Culture in 2021


Company culture starts at the top

The first step to a strong company culture is setting a values framework for your organization – and that needs to come from the leadership team. What better way than to lead by example? When leaders align their clear vision with positive objectives, it’s easy for everyone else to follow suit.

Every little ritual your organization practices contribute to shaping your company’s culture, from how you onboard new team members to how you celebrate wins (big or small).

Rituals help create a shared identity and a feeling of belonging. And if your employees feel like they are right where they belong, they are likely to naturally perform better.

Rethink, reframe, redesign

Many organizations are asking themselves how to maintain their company cultures in 2021 – cultures that have relied heavily on our ‘old’ ways of working and people being able to meet together in person. But what if, instead, you were to completely rebuild your culture from the ground up?

Like with any new construction project, you need a solid foundation to keep your structure from falling apart.

Download our checklist for insights from HR professionals who are excelling at cultivating an authentic and engaging culture within their organizations, and start building, or rebuilding, your culture today.