Joining forces for better recruitment

The keys to collaborative recruitment in multi-site companies

Discover how to leverage collaboration and create a smooth recruitment process. Learn the best strategies for managing the unique challenges of multi-site recruitment, and how to create a cohesive team despite distance and distinct functions.

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Contents of this exclusive guide:

  • Get your managers involved in recruitment! Learn how to effectively involve your teams in the hiring process.
  • Take advantage of HR expertise to help your operational staff. Our white paper offers concrete advice on how to maximize the potential of HR professionals.
  • Streamline your exchanges with digital tools. We show you how to use technology to facilitate communication and increase your recruitment efficiency.
  • Discover why information is the key to collaboration. We explain how to share information effectively to ensure your hiring success.

    Gone are the days when geographical distance and the diversity of recruitment players were obstacles. By downloading this content, you’ll have the keys to improving your collaborative, multi-site recruitment processes.

Download the ebook