• 2,500+ customers in 40 countries

    2,500+ customers in 40 countries

  • 750+ employees in 12 countries employees

    750+ employees in 12 countries employees

  • 100+ vacancies each year

    100+ vacancies each year


Planon offers innovative software solutions for building owners and occupiers, commercial service providers, and financial controllers. To write that software, it needs to find talented developers across the world. That is where Cegid Talentsoft comes in.


  • Find developers across the world to write cutting-edge software.
  • Implement an integrated global HR solution to serve a global business.
  • Find an HRIS that adds value by delivering high-quality management information.


  • Cegid Talentsoft Recruitment module provides an overview of global vacancies and facilitates management.
  • Complete employee journey handled in one software package.
  • Possible to identify where improvements are neededand set local goals accordingly.

What Cegid Talentsoft does really well is partner with its customers. During the implementation process, I spoke with my Customer Success Manager and provided a lot of feedback which is now in the solution.