• Recruitment agency

    Recruitment agency

  • 250 in-house staff + 4,000+ permanent employees employees

    250 in-house staff + 4,000+ permanent employees employees

  • 100-120 vacancies per week

    100-120 vacancies per week


Pénélope is a specialist recruitment agency providing reception, event hospitality, field marketing and call centre staff to organisations across France. Cegid Talentsoft Recruiting has been instrumental in optimising the way it finds its talent.


  • Digitalise manual processes to optimise management of a large number of applications (100,000 CVs received last year).
  • Fill 100-120 job vacancies per week (and publish around 50 job ads per week).
  • Reduce administrative burden for in-house staff, freeing up time for value-added tasks.
  • Facilitate cooperation and information sharingbetween colleagues and external partners.


  • Mass processing of CVs and cover lettersvia
  • Document Reader Integrated tool enabling recruiters to apply quick and simple actions to applications received.
  • Tenfold time saving on posting job vacancies: from 25 hours to only 2.5 hours per week!
  • User-friendly, collaborative tool enabling instant sharing of information with partners and colleagues.

Cegid Talentsoft enables me to optimise my time on a daily basis, by sending job ads to multiple employment sites at once.