• Pet products and accessories supplier

    Pet products and accessories supplier

  • 900 employees

    900 employees

  • 67 stores

    67 stores


Seeking to develop its employees’ skills, boost store performance and further its strategic goals, Quebec-based pet products and accessories supplier Mondou embarked on a radical overhaul of its in-house training academy in partnership with Cegid Talentsoft.


  • Move from outdated, unstructured, face-to-face training to a modern, structured, digital system.
  • Modernize the way customers are advised.
  • Reduce employee turnover and make it easier to recruit and integrate talents.
  • Boost employee satisfaction through faster, more accessible training with greater autonomy and mobility.
  • Identify key competencies by job and develop pre-boarding and onboarding paths for all employees.


  • Agile training that empowers learners, with more interactive content and a greater focus on blended learning.
  • 4 times faster knowledge acquisition time.
  • Employee turnover reduced by 24%. Almost 6x higher employee satisfaction with the online training journey.
  • Digital technology embraced company-wide.
  • Platform rolled ou to all staff with 3 months.

The time had come to reform the training programme, update its content and digitize the way it operated. Cegid Talentsoft became a must in optimizing our stores’ performance by modernizing the way they provided advice.