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Performance Management

It’s time you simplified your performance management process

Design, implement and track all the processes for managing employee performance, development and career orientation. Ensure all of your employees are aligned and working collectively to meet your organization’s strategic objectives.

Recognize and reward your best

The Cegid Performance Management solution enables organizations to design, implement and track all the processes for managing performance, development and career orientation—without the difficulty and cost of implementing traditional programs. It provides a user-friendly interface that helps channel every employee’s efforts toward the attainment of company objectives and allows organizations to measure their productivity gains through the alignment of common performance and business goals. As it’s natively integrated with the Cegid Learning and Development module, it is easy to assign learning activities and fill competency gaps in one seamlessly connected system.

Engage with employees and help them perform to their maximum potential

When employees are actively engaged in the business, companies statistically achieve higher financial growth and profitability. Why? Engaged employees are more productive. The Cegid performance technology not only automates the performance evaluation process, it also helps tie compensation to employee performance, monitors campaign progress, manages performance ratings and goal weights, and supports multiple assessment templates. It can also be configured to include the management of internal workforce mobility, career progression and development plans.


Advanced competency management

Incorporate and maintain a competency dictionary aligned to an assessment method (scale and level) which is natively integrated with your company’s training activities directly inside the workflow, should competency levels be insufficient. Import industry-recognized competencies from major providers such as Lominger and DDI World.

360° multi-rater assessments

The 360° process opens the door to a multi-dimensional view of an employee’s real performance rating across your organization. This type of feedback plays a vital role in the performance, growth and development of your workforce, and the perceptions of others within their circle of influence often impact their level of success at your company. Capture feedback from other team members, indirect managers, peers and external parties to provide a broader view that provides valuable performance insight well beyond an employee’s immediate supervisor.

Assign competencies to learning content

Native integration with the Learning & Development module helps organizations keep employee competencies and skills up-do-date throughout their career with the company. Identify skill gaps for learning and prioritize competency development activities.

Tie compensation to performance

Give performance management a proactive dimension that results in concrete actions. Reinforce a pay-for-performance culture by leveraging performance goals that align to pay, incentives and other compensation measures.

Support for multiple assessment periods and templates

Manage your competencies in a centralized fashion where they are managed by a single authority and applied uniformly throughout the organization. Or, structure it in a decentralized way whereby each organizational entity has all the resources it needs to independently manage its assessment periods, specific competencies and competency models.

Create multi-step performance appraisals

The individual steps, the content of each step, specific reviewers involved in the evaluation process and the approval workflow are all completely customizable to meet your needs. Configurable, dynamic forms are easy to create and manage for each type of assessment, enabling your company to implement processes attuned to your talent management and development objectives.

Create and cascade goals

Use the Goals Wizard to help managers establish SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound). When goals are created, they are weighted based on their overall importance which in turn helps keep employees focused on the right priorities.

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