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There’s a better way to manage your production, wholesale, and retail operations


Discover a new world of possibilities and create a more dynamic company!

Take charge of all your operations, from the creation of the product offer to omnichannel distribution. Cegid’s retail management solutions combine rapid implementation with high adaptability: creating a product offer and managing suppliers, setting margins, taking orders via smartphone, purchasing and production, logistics and allocation… Start shortening your cycles and fostering collaboration!

Anticipating needs and supplies:

Always ensuring you have the right product available in the right quantity at the right time through the right channel. This solution helps fine-tune your multichannel sales projections and rely on a “just-in-time” supply approach.

Maximizing profit on your product offer:

Our solutions equip you with the tools you need to simulate and steer the inventory allocation process and product shipping. Now you can stay one step ahead of overstocks and inventory disruptions!

Provide better service to your wholesale customers:

Your B2B customers are demanding. Our solution facilitates your interactions with your wholesale clients, bringing them all to one place—from the placement of the order, to risk calculation, to providing a customer portal.

Clienteling & Omnichannel CRM

Segment your customer data to optimize your interactions, improve your loyalty programs, and increase the value of the average basket

Advanced Analytics

Keep all of your activities’ key indicators at your fingertips in real-time and focus on decision-making.

Logistics Execution & Distribution

Enhance the allocation of your inventory and your shipping process – from receipt to loading for transportation.

All transactions, interactions, offers, and campaigns generated are logged and accessible in the solution to deliver a 360-degree view of your customers. Thanks to granular segmentation of customer data (profile and behavior), our solution hones the efficacy of your marketing campaigns and increases your return on investment (ROI).

  • Centralize customer relationship management
  • Increase marketing campaigns ROI
  • Improve customer relationship through Clienteling
  • Turn your sales associates into true coaches and advisors

We offer a complete, plug & play suite comprised of business KPIs, actionable cubes, and a set of operational reports, as well as analytical tools and dashboards that cover all business processes: Sourcing and Supply, Sales and Omnichannel, CRM. The solution is powered by the market’s leading decision-making technologies, giving you the freedom to customize your reports as you see fit.

  • Access your business KPIs anywhere, anytime
  • Improve decision-making at every level of your company
  • Have a “Plug & Play” decision-making solution at your disposal
  • Customize your reports and dashboards with just few clicks

Multiple sales channels, varied delivery timings, customer financial risks, logistical constraints… How do you set your priorities? The solution simulates and automatically guides the allocation of inventory to the order portfolio then specifies the different delivery scenarios. The result: efficient and secure inventory management.

  • Prioritize and manage your inventory allocation
  • Oversee your shipping across all channels
UI Kit

Manage sales promotions for customized rewards to be used in-store or online.

Easily design and execute promotional offers across all channels. Run or simulate business operations in both simple and complex scenarios. Coordinate all your loyalty programs every step of the way, from defining the rules to benefits, to launch, regardless if they are linked to a physical or digital loyalty card.

Product Offer Management

Manage the creation of your product offer and your suppliers—from concept to launch

Business Management and Customer Service

Maintain control of all exchanges with your wholesale customers


Optimize your supply and control your production

You are the heartbeat of your brand, so you determine the themes, the product offer, showroom schedule management, how orders are placed and delivered to customers… An absolute wealth of essential functions integrated into the fabric of our solution. The goal: Pace your activities and structure your business around the product offer.For multi-brand retailers: Effectively manage product listings according to the different levels of your organization.

  • Organize your product offer, from A to Z
  • Keep close tabs on your suppliers

Streamline your B2B relations by centralizing and organizing all interactions with your wholesale clients—order placement at a showroom or through your salesforce, customer portals, EDI, customer service relations, and multiple invoicing flows. This approach to customer management integrates seamlessly into your organization, which may also be multi-faceted: multi-company, multi-division, multi-site, the list goes on.

  • Centralize your B2B relationships
  • Precisely calculate the risks

Improve multi-level supply management, based on sales forecasts, customer orders, and inventory. The solution also makes overall purchase proposals, taking time constraints into account. It calculates prices flexibly and provides detailed information about the status of supplier orders (incoterm, freight forwarders, obligations).

  • Optimize and track your purchases
  • Steer your production from A to Z
  • Avoid supply disruptions and optimize inventory
The Cegid solution allows us to conduct simulations within three minutes. We can plan ahead without taking risks and have our factories up and running 12 months a year.
Sylvain Ruffier, Head of Industrial Supply Chain at the Millet Division of Mountain Group.

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