Why choose a Cegid SaaS solution?

  • 50 Cloud services delivered every year to 6 industries in 75 countries

    50 Cloud services delivered every year to 6 industries in 75 countries

  • Average of 400 client launches/month

    Average of 400 client launches/month

  • Over 1 million databases managed simultaneously

    Over 1 million databases managed simultaneously

  • 1 PB of data stored

    1 PB of data stored

Cloud expertise you can trust

As a Cloud Service Provider, we control the entire Cloud chain to ensure seamless management: network services, infrastructure, and business applications.

Our services are fully industrialized in the Cegid Cloud Factory. That means more data stored, faster launches, unified centralized management, and a continuous optimization and improvement process that enables us to handle 30% average annual growth.

Our cutting-edge “Cloud factory” was co-designed with Cloud industry leaders.

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The Cegid Cloud Factory :
A full array of dedicated expertise for Cloud activities

Take on the challenges of data security

Ultra-security is our policy:
Our applications run on cutting-edge infrastructure with the highest-level security on the market (ISO 27 001 certification). Our processes are constantly optimized by a team exclusively dedicated to our security policy.

Cegid SaaS also secures your critical applications with guaranteed high availability and accessibility for your business-critical applications (minimum of 99% availability). Your day-to-day activities keep running with no interruptions, even during updates.

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Enjoy stable, upgradeable solutions

Our analysts, architect developers, and quality engineers work closely with the SaaS teams during product design and development. That means the unique aspects of SaaS are built in from the beginning for a stable, high-quality product. We have used that approach to create a number of innovations, including the ATAWAD* concept, user journeys embedded right in the application, development and optimization of new portals and connected services, and more.

*Any Time, AnyWhere, Any Device

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No more regulatory headaches

Our legal intelligence committee analyzes new developments in corporate and financial law, defines what those changes mean in practice, and guarantees that your solutions stay compliant. We also work closely with our User’s Club that gives us regular feed back on evolution needs. These updates are delivered continuously and automatically in our SaaS so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are always up-to-date and error-free.
Cegid is involved in several government agency discussion groups on legal changes: GDPR, VAT fraud prevention act, accounting entries, etc.

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Upgrade easily

Our specialized support is designed to facilitate and accelerate the process of migrating your data and applications to the Cegid Cloud.

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