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Are you capturing the entire shopping potential of your customers?
Omnichannel commerce is where sales channels and customer touchpoints intersect. It requires you to transform your business inside and out to avoid operating in silos. To succeed and never miss a sales opportunity, a new trajectory is needed, where offline and online sales converge; inventory management is unified; the store is digitized, and its role evolves through new technology.

Opportunities for CEOs and Managing Directors

Addressing the Challenges of Omnichannel Commerce

The digitalization of services and growth of mobile usage have disrupted the retail industry. Today’s customers are ultra-connected, better informed and more discerning than ever. Beyond comparing products and price, they are looking for unique, personalized shopping experiences tailored to their needs. Over the last few years, it’s become imperative for brands to evolve and adopt new communication avenues to offer a cohesive omnichannel shopping journey that addresses changing consumer habits while reducing any friction points preventing a seamless shopping experience.

This is the new status quo, which comes with issues and challenges familiar to experienced senior managers. Namely, how do you transform your strategy and operations to deliver omnichannel shopping journeys as well as become more agile and competitive? How do you reinvent the in-store experience to offer better service, and capture all the buying potential of your customers? How do you give your teams more autonomy through open information systems and innovative point-of-sale technology? The store of tomorrow will be a full-service, interconnected and intelligent hub. This transformation is already happening and it’s vital not to fall behind in a rapidly changing world. Following the path of unified commerce today is the key to maximizing your turnover tomorrow. There’s no better way to scale up as you grow locally and internationally, build brand loyalty, and never miss a sale!


The Playbook of Unified Commerce

The Extended Omnichannel Supply Chain: For Greater Customer Satisfaction

The extended supply chain is designed to optimize operational costs, product traceability and availability, and customer satisfaction. Shoppers expect to be able to purchase anytime, anywhere, whatever the sales channel, so how can you ensure you never miss a sale? Let’s take an in-depth look at the customer services most sought-after by consumers today.

The New Store: A Catalyst for Personalized Experiences

Far from the classic storefront of yesterday, the new store is a unified, omniscient hub that offers unique and personalized customer experiences. A key player in delivering modern and connected shopping journeys, it leverages and delivers relevant customer information to all brand stakeholders in real time.

The Connected Sales Associate: Transforming the Brand-Customer Relationship

As both expert advisors and brand ambassadors, today’s sales associates have access to innovative tools to offer shoppers added value in the form of more personalized experiences. At the heart of the in-store customer relationship, their responsibilities include building brand trust and appreciation.

Expert Interview:
Retailers must adapt to avoid huge risks in the future

with Nathalie Echinard, Retail Director at Cegid.

Deploying a Unified Commerce Strategy: An Organizational Challenge

Omnichannel commerce is leading to major changes in the internal organization of retailers. It involves reviewing and redefining the job roles of many brand players, from e-commerce managers to sales associates. Change management must be led and supported by Executive Management to allow the entire company to grow and succeed collectively.

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