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Seize new growth opportunities and never miss a sale thanks to a unified, frictionless shopping experience - in-store, online, anytime, everywhere.

Unified commerce
Remove Friction. Create value.

Today’s consumers are ultra-connected, better informed and more discerning than ever. They’re looking for unique, frictionless and personalized shopping experiences expecting to shop anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

For retailers, this raises new challenges. How do you avoid disjointed shopping experiences causing customer frustration and lost sales? Optimize inventory and fulfilment across multiple touchpoints and keep stock costs to a minimum? Re-invent the in-store experience to reduce brand defection? Help sales associates be more effective, with the real time insight they need on customers?

Establishing a unified shopping journey is key to leverage your brand’s full potential, to build customer loyalty, to maximize your profits and to never miss a sale!

Find out how with Cegid Retail Management Solutions.

  • Augmented Experience

    Augmented Experience

    Integrate modern ways of shopping and deliver an omnichannel customer experience.

  • Optimized Inventory

    Optimized Inventory

    Streamline merchandise operations and gain control over inventory across multiple locations

  • Accelerated growth

    Accelerated growth

    Develop your sales and serve customers worldwide thanks to world-ready compliant solutions.

  • 75 +


    Wherever new business opportunities may lead you, you’re never too far from a Cegid-powered store!

  • 1000 +


    Join the world’s best, with over 1,000 successful retailers, domestically and worldwide.

  • 70000 +


    Reliability means business: over 70,000 connected stores worldwide count on Cegid’s Unified Commerce platform to streamline their daily operations.

Global coverage

Cegid operates worldwide and provides solutions compliant with local regulations and best practices, incl. follow-the-sun support, so our experts are on hand near you 24/7.

What type of retailer are you?

Cegid addresses the needs of all types of retailers and brands operating single or multiple store formats including own stores, franchises, concessions, boutiques, department stores, superstores, travel retail and across multiple sectors of activity.

  • Fashion & Accessories

  • Cosmetics & Beauty

  • Specialty

  • Specialty Food

  • Sporting goods

  • Luxury

  • Department stores & Superstores

  • Independent store chains < 5 stores

Discover our solutions

Head Office & Supply

Cegid Retail Management Solutions for Unified Commerce provide all the features you need to streamline your merchandise and inventory management decisions, make more informed decisions and accelerate transformation to unified commerce.

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Omnichannel & Stores

Our omnichannel and in-store solutions provide all the features your sales associates need to capture, engage, serve and sell to customers, anywhere in the world. Solutions streamline store operations, increase staff efficiency and customer service clients.

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Localization & Compliance

Cegid Retail Management Solutions have already been deployed in more than 75 countries and are localized for more than 67 countries. Our country packages ensure you can serve customers everywhere and guarantee compliance with local practices.

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Reinventing the customer-sales associate relationship in-store.

“Shopping” is a new digital in-store and unified commerce solution for sales associates. The solution, available on both fixed and mobile POS devices transforms your teams into augmented sales advisors. The solution allows full omnichannel services in-store including click-and-collect, store to web, store to store etc., provides a 360° view of shopper’s online – offline shopping journeys and includes online cataloguing features for endless aisle.

With Shopping, you are sure to never miss a sale!

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Boost Sales and Inventory Visibility

4 Steps to Avoid Stock-outs, Empower Retail Associates and Boost Sales

Expect more with Cegid SaaS

Cegid is about more than solid Cloud infrastructure and optimal security. It also brings you a truly unique SaaS experience thanks to innovative SaaS applications and services designed for your business.

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