Talent management

Belgian B-to-C telecom firm VOO trains its employees and external partners through its digital learning hub. This entity, which is independent from the human resources…

13 Feb 2021

Talent management

With 1,200 employees across five offices nationwide providing round-the-clock service to 270,000 clients, Locaweb, Brazil’s leading web hosting firm, was running 25 face-to-face training sessions…

2 Feb 2021

Talent management

Leveraging Talentsoft, the celio HR team can easily monitor and follow up on performance review programs company-wide. Key benefits are a more productive HR team…

24 Jan 2021

Massachusetts Firefighting Academy

The Massachusetts Firefighting Academy trains firefighters for the state of Massachusetts; offering a catalog of more than 250 training courses to 15,000 registered users, all…

21 Jan 2021

Talent management

Start People offers companies of all sorts a wide range of made-to-measure recruiting services. In order to adapt to this ever-changing industry the company must…

15 Jan 2021

Talent management

Located in the United States and Canada, White Birch Paper produces high-quality paper and paperboard products. The training and development of rare, transferable skills are…

13 Jan 2021


Founded in 1981, the €1bn international fashion and distribution business - with brands including Morgan, Cache Cache, Bonobo, Bréal and Vib’s and numerous operations across…

4 Dec 2020


Luxury tea house, Kusmi Tea, which has over a hundred boutiques around the world, has detailed the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic after all its…

23 Oct 2020

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