• 97% of companies have encountered difficulties in recruiting

  • Nearly 2 out of 3 HR departments (65%) are not yet using data to its full potential

  • 57% of HRDs have a mixed opinion on the achievement of the objectives of the payroll system in place

Dive into the digital maturity of HR departments and implement the changes you need, to make your department more efficient.

In this ebook, discover:


  • The HR 2022 panorama in key figures
  • The concrete challenge of a Data-Driven HR strategy
  • The importance of knowing the digital maturity of your HR department
  • The need for professionals to work with a high-performance HRIS
  • Is the Employee Value Proposition an essential alternative to recruitment?
  • Will 2023 be the year that finally buries the CV?
  • The 3 Payroll innovations to implement in 2023