Talent management

A Public Opportunity to Improve Recruitment

Recruiting is not an easy thing, but it is more than necessary, especially for the public sector. A lot of employees will leave for retirement…

9 July 2019


An Imperative for Retail Brands: Keep the Consumer in Focus and Never Miss a Sale

Discover how retail, and more specifically stores and customer experience, are evolving and what Cegid Retail Y2 retail management platform can do for retailers!

2 July 2019


Reinventing Store Experiences For The 21St Century Customer

Learn what the most exclusive high-end luxury brands are doing to elevate the in-store customer experience in the 21st century.

27 June 2019

Cegid storms the RIS Software LeaderBoard ‘19

We top the 2019 Customer Satisfaction for Large Vendors ranking and the 2019 Apparel Vendor Leaders (Full Data Set) ranking. Of particular note…

25 June 2019


Deploying a unified commerce strategy: Meeting the organisational challenges

The goal is to sell better and more, by personalising the buyer’s journey across web and stores. Retailers aspire to connected commerce, and the global…

24 June 2019

Talent management

Manufacturing More Numerous (and Qualified!) Hires

Listen in on any conversation about the state of Manufacturing in North America these days and you’ll hear a growing chorus of concern about the…

17 June 2019


A new era of commerce: putting digitally-empowered store associates at the heart of retail performance

With connected shoppers now demanding even more connected experiences in-store and the competitive and fast-evolving nature of the retail landscape, how can retailers optimise physical…

17 June 2019


Retail Everywhere Requires a Flexible Approach to Fulfillment

According to Forrester, “inventory management and fulfillment agility will become make-or-break capabilities for all retailers.”

13 June 2019

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