The Digitalization of Human Resources: from Operational to Strategic HR

Local branding key to global success

Over 700 employees

Group of 59 offices and in 31 countries


Employee performance is key to Bunker Holding who, has more than doubled its size over the last two years, growing from 300 to 750 employees and an annual turnover of 11 billion USD. To support this rapid growth, the human resources team needed to reinvent its practices and processes.


  • Transition from traditional operational to strategic HR Automation of manual processes and visibility into global workforce data.
  • Consolidation of global HR processes while preserving local brand autonomy.
  • Establishing a clear link between leadership, engagement and performance.


  • Overall HR processes and organizational analytics in a single solution.
  • Business leaders proactively seek support and view HR as a business partner.
  • Employees have better transparency into their career development path.
  • Improved time to performance through streamlined onboarding.