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What’s a web service? Definition and benefits

Web services

Management systems, CRM, intranets, applications … These sometimes conflicting technologies have to communicate between themselves to be effective and meet the challenges of mobility, multiple devices and often accessing them all via the cloud. That’s the role of web services.

Designed to speed up and ease the flow of information between customers, suppliers, business partners and their respective platforms, web services are specific IT programmes that facilitate the exchange of data between different systems.

Improved integration of the supply chain

Using XML, JSON and HTTP standards for transferring data makes integration with other third party applications possible. This means that other business partners can remotely access the many applications available. These tools and insights can prove extremely useful when it comes to improved integration of the supply chain, by sharing with all parties involved throughout the entire supply chain, any relevant back-office tools.

More services for the consumer

Even the end consumer benefits from the advantages that this technology brings. Virtual wallets; personalised loyalty programs; directly connecting via user profiles on social networks … All these innovations are based on web services, leading to a much more personalised shopping experience. And all the emerging trends in the retail sector will only increase the integration of these technologies.

27 February 2015
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