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Inventory management

Behind-the-scenes optimisation that powers impressive customer experiences Inventory management is one of omnichannel retail’s greatest challenges; accurate allocation and replenishment is critical to customer satisfaction. Yourcegid Retail Inventory Management gives your key personnel the power to keep customers happy by analysing and controlling stock in real-time, based on shopper demand. Increasing inventory accuracy drives revenue, and generates a greater return on investment.

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Drill even deeper into your replenishment calculations with Yourcegid Retail Inventory Management, to meet shopper demand by season, size, channel, colour, category, and much more.


Yourcegid Retail Inventory Management gives you the flexibility to create a strategy that works for you. With our software, you can define your own replenishment model.


With Yourcegid Retail Inventory Management, you know exactly where your stock lies at any point in time – giving your sales associates more power to up-sell, cross-sell and increase customer value.


Yourcegid Retail Inventory Management has real-time capabilities up to the second, so you know exactly what stock is needed, where, at any moment in time. This information is vital in producing a unified vision of the entire purchasing process, on demand.

Yourcegid Retail Inventory Management features a powerful replenishment and restocking function, which you can customise around your business needs. Our international coverage also enables you to easily control replenishment across multiple countries.



Yourcegid Retail Inventory Management tailors data streams for every user – so they only see the trends and warning signs applicable to their role. Our dashboards and reporting are mobile-friendly, making it easy to make decisions on the move.

Yourcegid Retail Inventory Management is just one of the modular solutions that fit together to create our comprehensive Yourcegid Retail software for connected retail. When integrated with our Sourcing module, Inventory Management can intelligently predict not only where stock needs replenishing, but can create new orders in response.


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