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The 2020 Consumer – Retail Trends In The Uk

The economy has not been kind to retailers over the past few years. The recession saw consumers pull back the amount they spent on themselves and others, which resulted in a slump in retail sales and, unfortunately, the inevitable closing […]

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Digital Personalisation: The Keys to Success

Do you remember the days when you could go into your local store and the store assistant would have your items ready before you’d even had a chance to draw a breath? On top of that, they’d be making suggestions […]

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Clienteling & CRM: Key Factors for Luxury Success

Luxury consumers have increasingly high expectations of what their experience with your brand should be like. Whilst previously the quality and lure of your products alone could tempt buyers, today’s customers expect more. Developing an emotional attachment between your brand […]

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Understanding Omnichannel Retailing

Omnichannel retailing is the practice of providing a fully-featured, unified retail experience across multiple channels. Traditionally, those channels include bricks and mortar retail and your online store, but other offerings such as a smartphone app or a print catalogue could […]

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Retail Technology Trends and Innovations (Part 2)

How do you think the rise in e-commerce is changing the high street? How do you see these channels working together in the future? Customers don’t see channels; they see a brand. eCommerce is available 24/7 at home, in-motion… everywhere. […]

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Retail Industry Trends and Technology Innovations (Part 1)

This month Davy Dauvergne of Cegid’s Product Marketing and Retail Innovation Department joins us to talk about technology innovations, retail trends and the future of the high street. Tell us a little bit about Cegid’s innovation store… Our Innovation Store […]

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RFID finally gets a foothold in retail

It’s been talked about for years – the technology destined to revolutionise the logistics and retail practices of tomorrow … But aside from the adoption of swipe cards on public transport, RFID has certainly taken a while to find its […]

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NRF 2015: what are the latest innovations in the retail market?

With over 35,000 visitors this year, the Retail’s Big Show, the annual exhibition and conference organised by the National Retail Federation (NRF) in the US, recorded an increase of over 15% in admissions compared to 2014. This trend can be […]

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Social networks, the Eldorado of customer relations

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr … today, more than ever, consumers are turning to these popular social networks to talk about their shopping experiences. This is turning these valuable community networks into a real customer relationship tool for brands. Last year, 68% […]

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Behavioural data: new initiatives and regulations

Streaming video, Wi-Fi in-store, beacons, audio streams and soon LED lighting & LI-FI (Light Fidelity) technology … these are some of the many new techniques being used for tracking consumers. And not just to help retailers improve the overall shopping […]

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One Consumer: One Commerce

Omnichannel, or connected commerce, is about creating a streamlined customer shopping experience across time, multiple touch points and devices and channels. Today’s savvy shoppers want to buy 24/7 from home, from any location and from any device. They want to […]

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Social Commerce: Will Facebook and Twitter become the Amazon of tomorrow?

After e-commerce and m-commerce, the trend is now for social commerce. Facebook and Twitter are paving the way for innovations that could revolutionise the way retailers behave on social networks, not to mention how people shop in future. Fan pages, […]

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