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Seller 3.0: from sales cashier to sales advisor

Enthusiastic, outgoing, polite and persistent … the qualities that once earmarked a good seller are no longer enough. In the age of the informed consumer, we now expect personal advice and expertise that goes far beyond the scope of the […]

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Brazil: a country with many promises … and many constraints

In 2014, it hosted the football World Cup. In 2016, the Olympic Games. Beyond these major sporting events, the most populous Latin American country offers fantastic opportunities for brands and specialty retailers. Subject to compliance with the rules, that is. […]

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Connected objects: with Lick, you’ll love them

Connected objects now have their own outlet: Lick. Behind this evocative name, lies a new concept 2.0 store dedicated to the discovery and selling of connected objects. Let’s take a look at this new type of store. From scales, socks […]

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Embracing Digital Without Sacrificing Luxury In The Luxury Retail Industry

Luxury brands have traditionally been reticent to dip their toes in the water of digital marketing for fear that increasing accessibility to the brand would diminish the exclusivity that their loyal customers love. In the booming digital age, can luxury […]

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Retail: six trends to watch out for in 2015

The consumer has changed. Mobile, connected, volatile … it’s changing traditional models. It’s up to retailers to adapt and come up with the most compelling shopping experience and plan accordingly. Here’s an overview of some of the main trends we […]

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Improving the in-store experience on the other side of the counter

In speciality retail, we’ve all been talking for some time about technological innovations and their ability to improve the in-store experience for customers, but what about the operational people employed to serve customers – yes, the staff! Retail technology can […]

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Clienteling in luxury retail

Since the year 2000, revenues in the luxury goods sector have steadily increased. Whilst this suggests that the sector is strong, the threat of higher taxes, counterfeiting, and product overexposure are just some of the key issues that may hurt […]

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International Retailing and Emerging Markets

Emerging markets present an amazing growth opportunity for retailers, both established ones and smaller companies looking to expand their customer base. Territories such as Brazil, Russia, India and China (collectively known as BRIC) are the most well-known and sought-after of […]

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