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Unified Commerce: Digitising the store

Technology has reshaped much of the world as we know it, and retail  is no exception. Today, the digitised and highly personalised retail industry has transformed the way in which customers shop. They choose to research style, price and the competition […]

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Drapers Fashion Forum 2016

Drapers Fashion Forum 2016 Tuesday 4th October 2016 30 Euston Square, London   Cegid will be making its debut at the Drapers Fashion Forum 2016. This year’s theme: Fit for the Future. Ideas and strategies that will change fashion retail […]

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London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is the ultimate experience in the UK’s fashion calendar. Behind the skyscraper heels and eccentric designs, and underneath the glitz, glamour and celebrities lies a multi-billion-pound fashion industry that is absolutely vital to the UK economy.   In […]

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NRF 2016 – Retail’s Big Show

NRF 2016, The 105th Retail’s Big Show was organised by the National Retail Federation (NRF), an association of America’s 120 largest distributors. The event attracted 34,000 participants from 95 countries and almost 600 exhibitors, from 17 to 20 January in New […]

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How Pokémon Go can Boost your Retail Business

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last month, you will undoubtedly have seen scores of people wandering around whilst staring at their phone screens. Despite appearances, this isn’t aimless meandering and they aren’t lost. These are […]

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Mobile POS tips for success

There is no getting away from the fact that retailers and their staff are under more pressure than ever before. Rising consumer expectations across the entire shopping experience means that those on the ground in retail are expected to be […]

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Success in a Me2Be customer-centric world

Fast forward to 2016 and the retail world has evolved beyond recognition. Consumers have more choice and more power than ever before. Online ordering, instant price comparison, browsing on the move and same day delivery are now a normal part of […]

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Four reasons why retailers are opting for Cloud POS

An increasing number of retailers have made a transition from traditional retail POS to cloud POS architecture. This includes not only large organisations, but smaller operations as well. While such change can be attributed to many catalysts, here are four of […]

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The Right Musical Atmosphere for In-store Sales

Mozart or AC/DC? The Right Musical Atmosphere We don’t just play any old tune in-store! Finding the right musical atmosphere for each store seems to be an exact science. A science however that gives results. If smells are essential to […]

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Multi-Channel: New Challenges For a Concept That’s Not So New

Multi-Channelling is Not So New Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just about combining store and online sales. Professor Laurent Raoul, an associate of the French Fashion Institute and a European supply chain specialist, reminds us that: “combining channels existed […]

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5 Trends Defining Luxury Retail in 2016

DOWNLOAD THE FULL TRENDS PAPER.   The luxury retail market is evolving and during the last decade has seen continuous growth as a whole, even during the times where the global economy has faltered. However not all niche markets within […]

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From functional to fashionable: the continued rise of wearable technology

The evolution of the retail world has been a whirlwind of retail innovation. Driven by consumer demand – particularly from the millennial demographic, shopping is becoming an entire experience in itself, regardless of what you choose to purchase. From the […]

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