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PGO Automobiles moves up a gear with Yourcegid Manufacturing


Aiming to increase its production fourfold, this French prestigious car-maker decided to migrate its information system from Produflex to Manufacturing PMI. This comprehensive, integrated business solution will help them to industrialise and rationalise their processes while ensuring real-time coordination of their entire activity.


Located near Alès in the Cévennes region in France, PGO is a car-maker, renowned among prestigious vehicle enthusiasts. Combining their mastery of French tradition with artisanal know-how, PGO designs and produces unique, unconventional vehicles that are recognised for their modern vintage styling and high quality finish.

“We work on limited editions, with models that can be fully customised” explains Guy Meniscus, Technical Director at PGO Automobiles.

From the colour of the bodywork and dashboard, to the choice of carpeting and leather or even embroidery on the mats, PGO customers can decide just what they want. To keep them satisfied, the brand has its own design office and an 18,000m² production site, where all the composite parts are manufactured, and vehicles are assembled and painted. However, PGO’s vocation is also to offer affordable vehicles. This is why the brand needs to increase its production capacities.


A truly industrial approach

“We have just launched a new vehicle, the Euro V, with a BMW engine. 200 of these vehicles will be produced each year. This is three or four times more than our other models” says Guy Meniscus.

To see it through these changes, PGO reorganised its production department and looked for a more efficient information system.

“We introduced new manufacturing and quality control processes. It is a genuine revolution for our business. We really needed a new management tool to structure and optimise this industrial approach.”

For the last ten years, the car maker used Produflex ERP to manage production, and a Sage solution for accounts. It had also developed a whole host of Excel add-ons to track vehicles, or in after-sales, technical data management and even sales management.


A unique, integrated business solution

“We were satisfied with our CAPM system but it was really complicated when it came to getting up-to-date information in every department, because that information just didn’t flow as it should. Our goal was to equip ourselves with a unique, integrated solution”.

After considering the range of products available on the market and directly comparing Cegid and Sage, PGO chose Manufacturing PMI, part of Cegid’s Yourcegid Manufacturing range of solutions. Yourcegid Manufacturing had all the functions PGO Automobiles required, including sales management, procurement, design office, logistics, production, workshop management with clocking in/out, quality and statistics.

“Manufacturing PMI is a good fit for the needs of an SME of our size. The software comes ready to use and can be rapidly operational This is important, because the user experience is critical to the success of a new IT system”, said Guy Meniscus, who was attracted by the number of pre-configurations available in Cegid’s solution.


Real-time performance management

Set up at the Alès site in the fall of 2012, Manufacturing PMI will be fully operational in the coming weeks, now that the user training sessions have been completed. Optional modules have also been added to the software:
a configurator for optimal management of all the options available for each vehicle, EDM for directly linking CAD data and nomenclatures, and radio software with Wi-Fi terminals for rapid inventory management.

This new information system will enable PGO Automobiles to retain the operational flexibility and responsiveness it is renowned for, while incorporating better adherence to manufacturing requirements, improved process management and quality process controls across all areas of business.”We now have a full-fledged production IT system which functions in real-time and is integrated into our administrative and sales IT system. We can analyze our costs, consumption and production data in real time, making it easier for us to monitor and compare the time spent on each vehicle.”

All the Excel spreadsheets scattered around the company will now be replaced with a single dashboard giving a 360° view of the entire business.

“At last we will have up-to-date information that is available immediately, with precise indicators in real-time for managing the business, controlling quality and complying with regulations. It will enable us to significantly improve how we manage the company as a whole and continue to better serve our customers” said Mr. Meniscus.

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