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Digital trends, people data and HR’s role

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Using analytics and data visualization to support a more strategic HR function


Using Digital Portals to Engage and Retain Talent

Engaging and retaining talent is a top priority for today’s HR departments.  They need to justify spending on recruiting tools, internal employee programs and events, similar in how Marketing needs to justify its spending.   Next generation digital portals can help attract new talent and keep them in the workforce longer.

Websites in general are becoming increasingly easier to use and navigate. Statistics show that over 50% of web traffic is now on mobile devices. Therefore, internal websites must follow the trends in order to stay relevant with generation X and Y employees entering the workforce. Company intranets, landing pages and dashboards must be intuitive with appealing layouts and great user experience or risk not being used.

Human Resources – Now a strategic function

In addition to these digital trends, HR departments are increasingly being measured on KPIs. The HR function is now considered strategic in nature and must show to what degree the department has an impact on both revenue and profitability. HR executives want to make decisions that are data-driven.


How PeopleVision helps to improve a company’s profitability


attribution people vision
Use predictive analytics to track attrition risks



By providing critical analytics, PeopleVision removes a lot of guesswork behind the decisions of where to invest in People Management. The effectiveness of a program can be tracked over a period for different regions or business units. Ineffective programs are then cut, saving the company money by ensuring only programs that have a direct positive effect are employed. New hires, retention, employee satisfaction can all be tracked, monitored and linked to a ROI metric. PeopleVision is critical to helping an organization transition to a data-driven HR department that is strategic and metrics-driven, and provides the data views necessary to show the impact of executive decisions on a company’s workforce.

Use predictive analytics to track attribution risks


The typical HR department does not typically include an expert in data analysis. PeopleVision aggregates and presents data in a way HR management, recruiters and generalists can understand and act on. Because the data and solution are hosted on the Cloud, the data is always up to date and available anywhere, anytime.


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12 April 2017
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